Frequently Asked Questions

No, we only accept cashier’s checks or pay online with the link on our home page. (Make sure you reference your name and address on the cashier’s checks). If you want to pay online and need your account information, please contact the bookkeeper at 661-392-9051 ext. 2.
Our Pet policy varies from building to building. Please ask the leasing agent if the unit you are interested in allows pets.
Tenant must give a written 30 day notice before vacating the premises. A form is available in the office for your convenience.
We do yearly occupied unit inspections to check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
Yes, most of our units are a 1 year lease. Upon request some units may be available for a 6 month lease with a higher rent.
Rent is due on the 1st and late after the 3rd past 5pm. Partial payments are subject to a late fee! If you think you may be late please call our office and speak to our bookkeeper. (661)392-9051 ext. 2
We have a drop box located on the front door. Feel free to drop off your rent check to ensure you are not late.
Our after-hours emergency number is (661)392-9051 ext. 5